Critical Illness Insurance

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Ever been to a "spaghetti dinner," or some type of fund raiser for someone who survived cancer, but their finances did not? Due to medical advancements, we are now more likely to live with cancer or other serious illnesses, than die from them. Yes, medical insurance will pay for the majority of the treatment, but, who pays for:

  • Medical treatments not covered by your health plan?
  • Your mortgage while you are recovering?
  • Your bills - from car and utility payments to insurance premiums?
  • Travel and lodging expenses for treatments not available locally?
  • Experimental treatments not covered by your medical insurance?
  • Replacing you and your spouse's income while you receive treatment and recover?

Critical Illness (CI) Insurance will pay a lump sum of from $5,000 to $1,000,000 upon the diagnosis of a medical event such as:

Cancer ~ Heart Attack ~ Stroke

Some policies may also cover such conditions as:

Heat Transplant ~ Coronary Bypass Surgery ~ Angioplasty ~ Kidney (Renal) Failure
Major Organ Transplant ~ Paralysis ~ Loss of Activities of Daily Living
Alzheimer's / Dementia

At Schwartz Insurance Services we offer:

Simplified Issue Individual Plans, available in amounts of up to $75,000. There are only a few health questions. This most common type of CI insurance is affordable, and easy to purchase.

Broad-based Individual Plans cover more illnesses, including monthly benefits for Nursing Home or Assisted Living Care. This is easier to medically qualify for than standard long term care policies.

Combination policies, which provide a lump sum, or extra monthly income, in case you need cash while LIVING, and protection and tax advantages for your family if you die prematurely. These plans have been exploding in growth, as they guarantee all benefits WILL be paid, whether you live too long, or die too soon.

Stan Schwartz will meet you, assess your needs and desires, and make the complicated simple by assisting you in choosing the best value for your age, health, and financial situation.

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