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Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance/Combination Insurance provides cash benefits to pay the cost of Home Health Care, Assisted Living Facilities, or Nursing Homes. 

Doesn't Medicare pay for Nursing home Care?

It can, but often doesn’t. Medicare has stringent guidelines to qualify. Many assume a benefit that doesn't exist under Medicare provisions.

Who needs Long Term Care insurance?

Those with a nest egg.  We offer a confidential questionnaire which examines health, family, and finances, and risk tolerance. YOU decide if insurance can help you preserve your assets, your choices, your dignity.

What is “Short Term Care Insurance?”

It pays just like long term care for the same conditions, with one difference; it can only pay benefits for less than 365 days.  Hence, it is less expensive to buy and easier to purchase.  It’s a practical option, as 43% of all nursing home stays are less than one year.

What is a combination/hybrid policy?

These plans provide a lump sum or monthly income if you need cash for Long Term Care. They also provide cash when needed for your family if you die prematurely.  These plans have been exploding in growth, as they guarantee all benefits WILL be paid, whether you live too long, or die too soon. 

Stan provides personal counsel.  We work with you (and your estate planning attorney if desired) to meet family, financial, and legacy objectives.  217-228-1622


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