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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans are actually replacements of Original Medicare, and are NOT Medicare Supplements. 

When should I sign up for Medicare? 

We recommend signing up for Part A (Hospital) 2-3 months prior to your eligibility, usually the first of the month in which you turn 65.  If you are drawing Social Security or on Disability you will be automatically enrolled.  Enrollment in Part B (Medical) depends upon your current insurance situation and employment.  You MUST enroll in Medicare Parts A & B, and pay the Medicare Part B premium to be eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Call our office for counsel. 

Can I see any Dr. I choose?

Medicare Advantage plans generally have provider networks. Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement allows you to choose any provider that accepts Medicare nationwide.    

Are all Medicare Advantage Plans the same?

No. Plans differ by region, and companies.  Choices are limited by your zip code.

Many Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage.  Will my coverage be the same as in a separate “stand alone” Part D Plan?

Each Medicare Advantage Plan (and each “stand alone” Part D plan) will have different benefits.  Only a plan search will reveal what is best in your situation.


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