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Short Term Medical

fill gaps in medical coverage

Short Term Medical can provide a temporary solution to help fill gaps in medical coverage. Consider short term medical insurance if you’re between jobs, waiting for other coverage to begin, or waiting to be eligible for Medicare coverage. 

I lost my job.  What are some insurance options?

Short term medical insurance, or temporary health insurance, can bridge a gap between employer group coverages, or until you can get on an individual policy. 

I am nearing Medicare eligibility and find myself without group health insurance.  Will short term medical insurance work for me?

Possibly.  Contact Angel or Stan to help you decide if short term medical, COBRA, or individual health insurances is best for you.  There are several factors involved. 

What kind of options are available?

There are a multitude of deductible, copay, and maximum limits available.

Is it expensive?

Our experience has shown that clients are pleasantly surprised at the low premiums.  With so many options available, you can find something in your budget.

How long do benefits last?

There is pending legislation Federally, and laws vary between Illinois and Missouri.  It is safest to call our office for the current situation. 

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